For Many, a Life-Saving Drug Out of Reach

Mark Kinzly saved two lives this week. But he wouldn’t have been here to help if a friend hadn’t once done for him what he’s now repeatedly done for others — provide overdose victims with Naloxone, the antidote that revived them.

One Drug Arrest Every 19 Seconds in the U.S.

A new FBI report released today shows that there is a drug arrest every 19 seconds in the U.S.

Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., Data Show

Propelled by an increase in prescription narcotic overdoses, drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the United States, a Times analysis of government data has found.

Through the Looking Glass and Not Looking Back

Since just before the 20th of June, 2011, the first year anniversary of my only son Jamie’s death, I’ve been in a new corridor in the seemingly endless labyrinth of grieving, and I just couldn’t make it out for awhile.

A Day For Those Who Died by OD

Today is the eleventh annual “International Overdose Awareness Day,” an event intended to counter the stigma surrounding addiction and to draw attention to the growing thousands of drug overdoses across the world.