HuffPost: Obama’s Poor War On Drugs Record

Link to HuffPost Live Web interview, Denise, Barry, TN congressman and Amanda from DPA.

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill To Reduce Drug Overdose Deaths

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill aimed at reducing the number of deaths due to accidental drug overdoses. The new law gives legal protection to people who call 911 after witnessing an overdose.

GRASP Support Group Brings Healing

For Abby Boxman, July 13, 2011, is a day that forever will be inscribed on her heart.

Denise and Gary Cullen’s Article in the Orange County Register

This article written by David Whiting of the Orange County Register led to a series of articles he wrote about the overdose epidemic in Orange County, California.

17 groups unite for anti-drug vigil in Schaumburg

The first large observance in Illinois of International Overdose Awareness Day.