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Sign the Letter: Families With Loved Ones Lost to Overdose Oppose Criminalization, Call For Health Solutions

As people who have lost loved ones to overdose, we know saving lives requires health solutions. Please join with more than 400 people who have signed our letter urging lawmakers to oppose more punishment and instead embrace lifesaving health responses to the overdose crisis. We will make this letter and its signers public and available to the media.

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BNM – GRASP Conference Sept 12-14 2024

BNM – GRASP Conference provides a supportive platform for individuals navigating the complex terrain of grief following the loss of a loved one due to substance use.

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Press Conference: Moms with Loved Ones Lost to Overdose Oppose Criminalization and Prison

Moms Criticize Elected Officials Who Are Tragically Using the Overdose Crisis to Pass Harsh Mandatory Minimum Laws that Will Fill Prisons and Put More Lives at Risk

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The Harms of the “Fentanyl-Poisoning” Narrative

In November, the Kansas City Star reported: “To those in our area who have lost their children to fentanyl, the deaths aren’t overdoses. They feel their sons and daughters were poisoned.”

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Families Urge Health Response Over Punishment

Today, more than 400 hundred families from across the United States who have lost loved ones to overdose re-released an open letter urging lawmakers to stand firm against attempts to double down on the punitive policies of criminalization and prosecution as a response to the overdose crisis.

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Overdose Prevention Sites Position Statement

This country is in the midst of an overdose crisis. According to the CDC for the year 2021, there were 109,179 overdose deaths.

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Drug-Induced Homicide

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Prevention Sites Would Save Lives

Too many people are dying from opioid overdoses. Prevention sites would save lives.

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Letter to Pantagraph Editor

Republican state Senators Sally Turner and Sue Rezin recently introduced a bill that, if enacted, would double down on the failed war on drugs by imposing harsh penalties for the distribution of drugs that contain fentanyl.