Overdose Crisis and Life-Saving Solutions

As a mother of a son who died from an accidental drug overdose, I was encouraged to see CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report of a real-life overdose reversal using the opioid-antidote naloxone.

The Unvarnished Truth

“The Unvarnished Truth.” Filmed in May, 2013, Brooklyn, New York at the Drug Policy Alliance’s Partner’s meeting.

Compassionate Health Care Response to Drug Use and Addiction

For too many years people with addictive illness have been banished to the criminal justice system due to ignorance, fear, and stigma.

Mothers Who Lost Children to Overdose Find Hope

It’s hard to imagine a greater loss. But bereaved mothers all over the US—like these four—are bravely campaigning for change, to prevent others from suffering the same.

Jeff Cullen

Dump Truck

Found, piece by piece, posthumously – Written by Jeff Cullen in September 2001 – 7 years before he died of an overdose. If anyone thinks this is “partying” or having fun, I think they should read this more than once.

Through the Looking Glass and Not Looking Back

Since just before the 20th of June, 2011, the first year anniversary of my only son Jamie’s death, I’ve been in a new corridor in the seemingly endless labyrinth of grieving, and I just couldn’t make it out for awhile.

Mother Day Wish

This is a difficult time for my family. There are several days like this one each year, days that should be happy ones but that I struggle with. Ever since my son Jeff died as a result of an overdose in 2008, this is one of those holidays that seem designed to remind me of what I’ve lost.

California Assembly Bill 472 (Testimony by Denise Cullen)

Testimony by Denise Cullen in support of California Assembly Bill 472, the Good Samaritan bill to prevent avoidable overdose deaths.