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Families Urge Health Response Over Punishment

Today, more than 400 hundred families from across the United States who have lost loved ones to overdose re-released an open letter urging lawmakers to stand firm against attempts to double down on the punitive policies of criminalization and prosecution as a response to the overdose crisis.

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Overdose Prevention Sites Position Statement

This country is in the midst of an overdose crisis. According to the CDC for the year 2021, there were 109,179 overdose deaths.

Tamara Olt with Sam Snodgrass

Drug-Induced Homicide

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Letter to Pantagraph Editor

Republican state Senators Sally Turner and Sue Rezin recently introduced a bill that, if enacted, would double down on the failed war on drugs by imposing harsh penalties for the distribution of drugs that contain fentanyl.

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Salon Interview with Dr. Tamara Olt

Their children struggled with addiction. Now, they’re fighting against the war on drugs.

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5 Fentanyl Myths Debunked

Experts in addiction share the biggest myths they encounter and the harm it can do to people who use drugs.

Advocating for Oregon Drug Reform

Morgan Godvin, who is in recovery from heroin addiction and a commissioner on Oregon’s Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission, joins CNN’s Michael Smerconish to discuss the state’s historic vote to decriminalize the possession and personal use of drugs.

Townhall debate with Tim Ryan on Opiods

Tim Ryan Supports Opioid Addiction Blueprint in CNN Town Hall Debate

BNM volunteer, Karyn Kerrigan O’Miller, asks Presidential candidate, Tim Ryan, about supporting the pending bill to deregulate buprenorphine prescription to treat opioid addiction.

article on decriminalization of certain drugs

Orange County Activist Joins Delegation to Portugal

Orange County Activist Joins Delegation to Portugal March 19-22 to Learn from Country’s Groundbreaking Drug Decriminalization Policy.
Portugal’s Dramatic Declines in Overdose Deaths, HIV Infections & Drug-Related Arrests Draw Those Hit Hardest by U.S. Drug War to Investigate Further

Group photo with Botticelli

Top U.S. Drug Official Steers New Direction on Drug War on 60 Minutes

On Sunday, December 13, 2015, the new Director of National Drug Control Policy (he does not wish to be called “Drug Czar”), Michael Botticelli, was interviewed by Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes. The topic: radically changing the “War on Drugs” from the zero-tolerance, hard-line approach – where citizens with addiction problems have been locked up (often times for incredibly lengthy sentences) – to that of treatment, compassion and understanding.