Prince’s Death Reveals What’s Wrong with Addiction Treatment

If Prince couldn’t get the help he needed in time, how in the hell are the vast majority of heroin users supposed to get better?

Police Departments Fight Against Heroin

The fight against heroin is making it tough for police departments in central Illinois to keep up. Lawmakers and police chiefs came together to talk about heroin.

Breaking News!! – Maryland Legislator to Introduce Four Groundbreaking Harm Reduction Drug Policy Bills!!

Maryland Legislator to Introduce Groundbreaking Harm Reduction Drug Policy Bills to Reduce: Addiction, Deadly Overdose, Spread of Infectious Disease, and Incarceration Rates for Drug-Related Offenses .

The Opiate Epidemic

Denise Cullen, Executive Director, is interviewed by Perri Peltz on SiriusXM radio on the opiate epidemic.