A Day For Those Who Died by OD

Submission Date: August 31, 2011
Attributing Author: Jennifer Matesa
Source: The Fix

As overdoses across the world soar, thousands of people rally to remember the victims, while trying to prevent more deaths.

Today is the eleventh annual “International Overdose Awareness Day,” an event intended to counter the stigma surrounding addiction and to draw attention to the growing thousands of drug overdoses across the world. Here in America, more than 28,000 die each year of overdoses from heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and a wide variety of other narcotics—more than are killed by guns, murders or HIV/AIDS. In New Jersey, for example, overdose tops the list of causes of accidental deaths, one of many parts of the US where more people are killed by ODs than by car crashes. Central Ohio is another area especially hard-hit by drug-related fatalities; according to the Centers for Disease Control, ODs there have more than quadrupled over the past decade.

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