Heroin Deaths Rise Across the State

Submission Date: December 8, 2012
Attributing Author: Kevin Rector & Andrea K. Walker
Source: The Baltimore Sun

Toni Torch’s article in the Baltimore Sun about Heroin deaths rise across the state.

“Toni Torch, whose son, Dan, became addicted to pain killers and eventually died from a heroin overdose, wears a locket with his picture”

As efforts to crack down on the abuse of prescription drugs have worked, a new problem has emerged, with addicts who can no longer get their fix by popping pills turning to the old-fashioned street drug heroin, health and lawenforcement officials say.

The trend shows up in local arrests, drug seizures and overdose deaths. Drug dealers are finding new markets in the suburbs, where teenagers once got their stash from local drugstores or their parents’ medicine cabinets, some experts say.

“The kids who got addicted to prescription pills are flipping to heroin, and, as a result, these kids are dropping like flies,” said Mike Gimbel, a longtime drug counselor in Baltimore County who nowworks at University ofMaryland St. Joseph Medical Center.

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