Moms and Docs: Partnering to Promote a Compassionate Health Care Response to Drug Use and Addiction

Submission Date: May 6, 2013
Attributing Author: Gretchen Burns Bergman & Dr. Ken Khoury
Source: The Huffington Post

Sadly, the power of these treatments is poorly understood, sometimes even in the medical community. 

For too many years people with addictive illness have been banished to the criminal justice system due to ignorance, fear, and stigma. We’ve known that drug addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder for decades, so why haven’t we heard more of an outcry from the real stakeholders in this problem, (parents and health care providers) about the punitive and destructive way in which it is handled? Why hasn’t the health care community been more vocal in challenging systems that are so damaging to sick individuals and why are family members so silent? Part of the answer is that stigma runs deep, and all of our systems for dealing with drug use and addiction actually promote further stigmatization and discrimination, none more so than the prison industrial complex.

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