Stigmatizing Marginalized People Is Not Progressive

Submission Date: October 12, 2012
Attributing Author: Katharien Celentano and Denise Culle
Source: HuffPost San Francisco

“When we lose the fight for the life of a loved one, we can no longer fight for their survival, all we have left to fight for is their respect.”

Imagine a progressive political organization puts out a TV attack ad that’s creating buzz and getting people talking. What distinguishes the target in question, the ad’s voice-over asks? Could someone else be as stupid, as clumsy, as lazy, as ugly and sluggish as this horrible person? Perhaps a “retard!” In fact, let’s make this a game. Let’s go up to people on the street, hold up signs that describe harmful actions, and ask people: Did a “retard” do this, or did the target?

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