This is Love-Harm reduction is the daily practice of revolutionary love…

Submission Date: Dec 24, 2016

Harm reduction is courageous and generous love.


 Harm reduction is the daily practice of revolutionary love…

Harm reduction is the force which transforms grief into connection and loss into life-giving.

An envelope addressed to another’s child for their fourth birthday. Lovingly packed inside, some of her son’s favorites: a loved, stuffed duck, a box of colored pencils, the beloved ‘I am 4!’ book, and a glowing picture of Jeff at their daughter’s age.

This is love.
This is how a mother continues to mother after the loss of her own child.

This is the spirit of harm reduction. We courageously channel and transform our loss, our rage, our sorrow into life-affirming action, into life-giving connection, into love for one another and one another’s children. We build on the legacy of love. We build on the legacy of love that the harm reduction movement has been sowing for decades. We act to love and protect one another’s children.
Join us in this work. Join mothers in this work.

“Executive Director Denise Cullen, Broken No More/GRASP is asking for your support for the Harm Reduction Coalition and all of the people who work so tirelessly to help those who are marginalized in our society.”


Special thanks to Denise for sharing the beauty of her son with us,
and to Nigel Brunsdon for the gift of the portrait.
To see more of Nigel’s work visit this link.


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