What Mothers are Doing to Help their Drug Dependent Kids this Mother’s Day

Submission Date: May 11, 2014
Attributing Author: Ellen Sousares
Source: AlterNet

I spend Mother’s Day grieving the devastating impacts of heroin addiction on my son’s life, and working to help.

For the past 6 years Mother’s Day has been a day of dread for me.  Instead of being pregnant with gratitude and joy, this particularSunday in May has been laced with apron strings of fear, shame, grief and regret.  I have tried to force amnesia and pretend it’s just another Sunday, but I can’t help wonder if my son will call.  If he does, it’s a bittersweet and painful conversation, if he doesn’t call, I worry that he has overdosed and died on a park bench or in a shady motel.

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