When It Comes to Medical Marijuana, Obama’s White House Is a Science-Free Zone

Submission Date: July 15, 2011
Attributing Author: Stephen Gutwillig and Bill Piper | Los Angeles Times
Source: AlterNet

Obama’s own National Cancer Institute says medical pot helps with nausea, loss of appetite, pain and insomnia — so why has he returned to prosecuting dispensaries?

President Obama came into office promising to reverse George W. Bush administration practices and elevate science over politics. He explicitly applied that principle to drug policy, an area long driven by ideology and prejudice. He quickly began to make good on the pledge by promoting three evidence-based drug policies: eliminating the ban on states using federal funding for syringe exchange programs to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis; reforming the racially unjust crack-cocaine sentencing disparity that punished crack offenses more harshly than powder offenses; and vowing to end years of federal interference in the implementation of state medical marijuana laws.

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