The Long Walk of Moms and Dads After Overdose

It’s a hard road, the one that we walk after our children die from a drug overdose. It’s a walk that numbs your feet from the miles of isolation and grief.

Grief Support Group Offered for Survivors

Those who have lost a loved one due to a substance-abuse addiction now have a new resource in the community.
GRASP, or Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing, is a support group aimed at helping individuals cope with the passing of loved one due to substance abuse. This peer-led group was founded in California and, over time, has found its way to other communities.

What Mothers are Doing to Help their Drug Dependent Kids this Mother’s Day

I spend Mother’s Day grieving the devastating impacts of heroin addiction on my son’s life, and working to help.

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Leg Summit: Grieving Moms Advocate for Naloxone

A mother shares her story at Leg Summit.

Why We Need Drug Detox for Minors

Numerous obstacles prevent even a motivated person from getting into a drug treatment facility, including lack of space, financial difficulties, and health or legal concerns.

A Chance to Heal for Families and Friends

Lost in the publicity about the exponential rise in accidental drug overdose deaths are the faces and broken hearts of the many hundreds of thousands of family members and friends of loved ones left behind — families devastated by the loss of a loved one in this most tragic and stigmatizing way.

Moms Taking Action to Save Lives

Every day, 105 people are dying in the United States due to an accidental overdose. This is a tragedy of epic proportions!

Philip Seymour Hoffman is Another Victim of Extremely Stupid Drug Laws

In Hoffman’s domestic or sex life there is no undiscovered riddle – the man was a drug addict and, thanks to our drug laws, his death inevitable