A Spike in our Veins

“Get Your Feet Off The Table!” Did you do your chores??

A Chance to Heal for Families and Friends

Lost in the publicity about the exponential rise in accidental drug overdose deaths are the faces and broken hearts of the many hundreds of thousands of family members and friends of loved ones left behind — families devastated by the loss of a loved one in this most tragic and stigmatizing way.

Moms Taking Action to Save Lives

Every day, 105 people are dying in the United States due to an accidental overdose. This is a tragedy of epic proportions!

Phillip Seymour Hoffman did not have choice or free will and neither do you

Phillip HoffmanDate: February 4, 2014
Author: Debbie Bayer
Source: Debbie Bayer Blog

 In the wake of the tragic loss of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a great artist, partner, father, brother, and son, I offer the following facts about the neurological disease of addiction.

The overwhelming majority of adults in the western world have passed through experimental stages in their lives where they have dabbled with some kind of brain altering addictive substance, i.e., cigarettes, alcohol, prescriptionpain killers, ADHD medication, anti-anxiety medication, and yes, even marijuana (save the ‘it’s not addictive” arguments for later, please).  And the overwhelming majority of these adults will emerge from their experiments unscathed, believing that their free will and good choices are what saved them from becoming addicted.

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Overdose Crisis and Life-Saving Solutions

As a mother of a son who died from an accidental drug overdose, I was encouraged to see CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report of a real-life overdose reversal using the opioid-antidote naloxone.

Through the Looking Glass and Not Looking Back

Since just before the 20th of June, 2011, the first year anniversary of my only son Jamie’s death, I’ve been in a new corridor in the seemingly endless labyrinth of grieving, and I just couldn’t make it out for awhile.