This video is about UNGASS 2016. United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drug Policy.

Breaking News!! – Maryland Legislator to Introduce Four Groundbreaking Harm Reduction Drug Policy Bills!!

Maryland Legislator to Introduce Groundbreaking Harm Reduction Drug Policy Bills to Reduce: Addiction, Deadly Overdose, Spread of Infectious Disease, and Incarceration Rates for Drug-Related Offenses .

A mom’s warning to recreational drug users

A mom’s warning to recreational drug users

Top U.S. Drug Official Steers New Direction on Drug War on 60 Minutes

On Sunday, December 13, 2015, the new Director of National Drug Control Policy (he does not wish to be called “Drug Czar”), Michael Botticelli, was interviewed by Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes. The topic: radically changing the “War on Drugs” from the zero-tolerance, hard-line approach – where citizens with addiction problems have been locked up (often times for incredibly lengthy sentences) – to that of treatment, compassion and understanding.

The Opiate Epidemic

Denise Cullen, Executive Director, is interviewed by Perri Peltz on SiriusXM radio on the opiate epidemic.

A Fairytale Life’s Tragic End

Grasp Press Release announcing new support groups

Date: October 2, 2015

Author: Stacy Moore BS, CPS, RCS (Ionia County Substance Abuse Initiative)

The Ionia County Substance Abuse Initiative (ICSAI) is eager to announce two new supports groups in Ionia County.  The success of current ICSAI sponsored groups such as: Families Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous and SMART Recovery has assisted family members, loved ones, people in recovery, etc. cope with addiction and its affects.  Now two new support groups will be available as well. Grief Recovery after a Substance Passing (GRASP) and Ryan’s Friends: Kids healing kids after a loss through addiction/substance use.

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